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Sample Designs 01-14-2002
Experience counts 02-12-2002

Server and Workstation Hardware

DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation)

  • VAX 11/750 and MicroVAX II
  • PDP11/24 and PDP11/70
  • VT52, VT100, VT220 and VT320
  • TK50, RL02, LN03 and more

IBM and Intel compatible PC

  • Pre-assembled OEM (all major vendors)
  • Custom built clones

Apple Computers

  • Apple ][
  • Macintosh Classic, SE/30, II, IIsi and IIcx
  • PowerMac 7600/8600/9600
  • PowerMac G3/G4
  • iBook, TiBook and AlBook
  • iMac

Sun Microsystems

  • SPARCStation 5/10/20/1000 workstations
  • Ultra 1/2/5 and 60 workstations
  • Enterprise 220R/250, 420R/450, 4000/4500, and 6500 servers
  • Sun Fire V100, V120, V210, V20z, V240, 280R, V440, V880, E2900
  • L1000 robotic libraries and DD4, DLT7000 tape drives
  • UniPack, MultiPack, A1000/D1000, A3500, 3310, 6120 storage solutions

SGI (Silicon Graphics)

  • Challenge
  • Indy, Indigo2, O2 and Octane

Network Hardware (assorted)

  • 3Com
  • Ascend
  • Bay Networks
  • Cisco
  • Cyclades
  • Foundry Networks
  • Network Appliance (NetApp)
  • Nokia Firewall Appliances
  • Raritan
  • ServSwitch
  • 10/100/1000/fibre switched networks, ISDN/56K/T1/broadband
  • SAN technology by Sun, Network Appliance, EMC and Hewlett Packard

Other Dinosaurs

  • Tandy/Radio Shack (TRS-80 Models I, II and III)
  • Commodore (Amiga, Pet, VIC20 and C64)

Operating Systems


  • Darwin (MacOS X) v10.0.4-10.3.9 on PowerPC
  • FreeBSD and OpenBSD on x86
  • Linux Slackware v2.3-3.x/96 and Red Hat v3.x-7.2, 8, 9, Fedora 2
  • Novell Unixware v2.01 on x86
  • SGI Irix v6.2-6.5.6
  • Sun Solaris v2.4-10 on SPARC/x86
  • SCO OpenServer v5.0.2 on x86


  • DEC VAX/VMS, MicroVMS and RSX-11M (also All-In-One, Business BASIC, Pascal and C and TAO Mail)
  • IBM OS/2 v3 and Warp
  • Microsoft DOS v1.0-5.0, Windows 286, 386, 3.1, 95, 98, NT Server and Workstation
  • Novell Netware v2.15-3.22

High-end Software

Specializing in high-availability and fault-tolerant environments as well as 2D/3D graphics


  • Apache (with Jserv, mod_perl and PHP/FI integration, CGI, DBI::DBD and modules)
  • Avid Illusion
  • BEA Weblogic Server v5.1
  • Checkpoint Firewall-1/2000 v4.1
  • Hewlett Packard CMS (Content Management System)
  • Houdini
  • Interwoven Teamsite v4.2.1-v4.5
  • Netscape/iPlanet Enterprise Server and Directory Server
  • NewTek Lightwave v5.5-7.0
  • Oracle Oracle v7-8i (8.1.6), 9
  • Pixar Renderman
  • Resonate Central Dispatch
  • Sun DiskSuite, RAID Manager and Java Enterprise System (JES);
    Web Server, Application Server, Cluster, Messaging, Portal, Identity Manager
  • Veritas NetBackup v3.4 including DataCenter, Cluster and Volume Manager
  • Webtrends Enterprise Reporting Server
  • Xaos Pandemonium and nTitle
  • Adobe - Photoshop v2.5-7.0, Premiere v4.0-5.0, Pagemaker v6.0 and Illustrator v10
  • Autodesk - 3D Studio R4, Animator Pro and Animator Studio
  • Borland - Turbo C/C++, Borland C++, Turbo Pascal and Turbo Prolog
  • Corel - CorelDraw, CorelXara and suite programs
  • Fractal Design - Detailer, Painter v4.0 and Poser v1.0
  • Impulse - Imagine v3.0 L/T
  • Kinetix - 3D Studio MAX v1.2 and Topper v1.0
  • Lightscape - Lightscape Visualization System v3.0
  • Metacreations - Power Tools v3.2, Goo v1.0, Convolver v1.0 and Actions
  • QuarkXPress QuarkXPress v3.11
  • Visual Software - Visual Reality v1.5

Unix Experience

  • 3D graphics (POV-Ray, BMRT, Radiance, Renderman, ElectroGIG 3DGO, Lightwave and Blender)
  • Customization, maintenance and setup of systems (system administration)
  • Databases (Oracle, mSQL, MySQL and PostreSQL)
  • Network protocols and services:
    • SMTP, POP and IMAP (sendmail, postfix, qpopper, uw-imap, majordomo)
    • HTTP (see "High-end Software" above)
    • DNS (bind)
    • NNTP
    • NFS, SMB and Appletalk (samba and netatalk)
    • NIS and LDAP (OpenLDAP and Netscape/iPlanet Directory Server)
    • SNMP (mrtg)
    • FTP (wu-ftpd and proftpd)
    • DHCP (Unix and Windows NT)
    • rsync
  • Programming languages:
    • C/C++ (GNU gcc)
    • HTML
    • Perl and Perl/Tk (see "Open Source Contributions" below)
    • tcl/tk
    • Also know BASIC (VAX BASIC and Microsoft BASIC), Prolog and Pascal
  • Revision control systems (rcs, sccs and cvs)
  • Shell tools and utilities (bash, ksh and tcsh)
  • X Window System setup and maintenance (Accelerated-X, XFree86, CDE, OpenWindows, 4DWm)


  • Interwoven Teamsite (User, Admin and Templating)
  • Microsoft Office, NT Server and Workstation

Open Source Software Contributions

  • Mohawk - A GTK+/GNOME GUI for the Apache Webserver
  • TkApache - A Perl/Tk GUI for the Apache Webserver
  • iVote - A Web-based poll/voting system in Perl with DBI::DBD
  • cpu-status - CPU status detecting and reporting CGI
  • Everything Linux - A long-standing, premiere Linux site since 1994
  • Everything Mac - A MacOS X (Darwin) Website for newbies and experts alike
  • Everything Solaris - A Sun Solaris-centric Website for newbies and experts alike

General Experience

  • Authoring multimedia and HTML titles and web sites that are visually intense
  • Custom graphics design including 2D, 3D modeling, animation and visualization
  • Typesetting and layout for both printed and electronic mediums (pre-press, electronic)
  • Hardware and software customization/integration (solution providing)
  • Familiar with graphics applications on most platforms for 2D and 3D work
  • Fully Knowledgeable PC technician (with many years experience)
  • Experienced in all aspects of hardware troubleshooting and repair
  • Knowledgeable in networking systems from Novell, UNIX and Microsoft, utilizing protocols:
     TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, FTP, NFS, SMB (including Samba for UNIX) and Apple/Localtalk
  • Experienced webmastering, managing web servers up to ~2 million hits daily

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